Friday, February 28, 2014

Pink Skittle Nail Look - Obnoxious Royal

Products used for this look:
Index: essence, colour&go, sparkle sand effect, no. 182, 'Hello Rosy' (new)
Middle: essence, colour&go, no. 104, 'Sweet As Candy'
Nail decorations: from a nail art wheel (Offertissima), some from an old essence collection
Ring: essence, colour&go (old collection)
Velvet powder: essence limited edition, Guerilla Gardening, no. 02 'Mission Flower'
Small: Yolizul, no.221
Nail sugar pearls: Catrice limited edition, Candy Shock, shade 'Cotton Candy'

I like the new sparkle sand effect polish from essence (hello rosy). It's a little difficult to apply evenly, but once dry, it looks great and has a great sandy texture, I recommend it. I loved wearing the velvet nail powder. It gives such a great feeling, it's not inconvenient or weird like I thought it might be. If you haven't, you should really try this form of nail art. The nail sugar pears I bought a long time ago in a limited edition collection by Catrice. I am only using it now for the first time, and I really like it. I was surprised how well they stick to the nail, and they can make it 2-3 days. I think these are great for wedding nail art. 
At first I wore these nails (photo below), but I decided I don't like it, so I switched it up. Which of these two looks do you prefer? I like the look with nail decorations, I felt like I was an obnoxious Royal (in a good way, LOL).
What do you think of this look? Would you wear it? Which nail is your favorite? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin, GFC, twitter or Facebook.

xoxo, Jelena


  1. sve skupa baš dobro izgleda :D
    meni se najviše sviđa rozi čupavac :D

    1. sad nosim crvenog čupavca, pa mi je taj bolji od ovog rozog...meni je najdraži mali prst <3

  2. Odličnoooo i meni se najviše sviđa mali prst! :) Tereza

    1. totalno je romantični sci-fi <3 zato mi je najbolji


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