Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nail Look: Moustaches And Monocle

Product: Nail art stickers from KKCenterHk
Brand: 3D Nail Seal Beard Series - Beard Pattern Nail Seal-453 [3D-453]
Rating: 10/10
Price: USD $3.15
Recommendation: I recommend it, it's cute and easy to use.
Link: You can find this product HERE.

I'm loving these stickers - they look stunning. You just pick one up and place it on a dry nail, and then just apply top coat. The stickers do not stick out from the surface of the nail. I think the size is good for any normal-sized nails, they suited me just fine - and my nails are narrow. With the package you get moustaches of two different designs and in different sizes, plus the cute 'monocle & top hat' man. KKCenterHk have many beard and moustache stickers available, go HERE to check them out.

Nail polishes used for this look:
  • Maybelline COLORAMA, no. 254: I am wearing two coats of this stunning nude shade. This polish is very watery, so you need to apply thin layers. Once dry, it is very shiny and gives a very smooth texture. Overall, I love the shade, it's the perfect nude, I wear it all the time. Price: around 19 HRK.
  • Maybelline COLORAMA Polka Dots, no. 197: This is my top 3 nail polishes ever, it looks amazing. Easy to apply, fast-drying, it contains black and white glitters of different sizes, and I think this is a must-have product. Highly recommended.  Price: around 19 HRK.
  • Essence Studio Nails - Better Than Gel Nails - Top Sealer, High Gloss: My favorite top coat, it dries very fast and leaves nails very shiny. Great texture. However, if I hit my nail on something, it causes little cracks. But still, it's better than any other top coat available for that price (around 18 HRK).

What do you think about this look? Do you love moustaches? Do you use nail stickers? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Jelena
***KKCenterHk has sent me the nail stickers for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


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