Monday, February 24, 2014

Blue - Green Ombre Heart Studs

Products used for this look:
Heart Studs: KKCenterHK N.NAIL Studs Heart White 6mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN628]- LINK
Base: Catrice, Limited Edition, Neo Geisha Collection - 'Discreet Artist'
Index: Catrice, no. 540 'Am I Blue Or Green?' (old)
Middle: Eveline, miniMAX, no. 808
Ring: Catrice, no. 340 'Run Forest Run!' (old)
Small: essence, colour&go, no. 54 'Trust In Fashion' (old)

Review of the heart studs: HERE
Other looks using these studs: HERE
How to paint the heart studs: HERE
I did a similar look a short time ago, but the colors ranged from yellow to red - I liked that look better than this one. These colors don't agree with me. What do you think -  Yay or Nay?

xoxo, Jelena

***KKCenterHk has sent me the N.NAILS Heart Studs for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. malo mi ta srčeka strše, znam da da bi ti njih mogla i nacrtati ;)
    a boje mi nisu uopće loše :D

    1. Nakon ove manikure otkrila sam novi način crtanja srca....mislim da će ti se svidjeti...samo moram obraditi slike, ovaj drugi način mi je puno bolji.

  2. I like it, it looks cute, maybe in red shades I would like it more, but it looks adorable this way too. Did those little hearts caught in you clothes or hair?

    1. I wear these for special occasions -when I'm not doing much with my hands. I first bend the hearts (and the pointy end) so it matches the curve of my nail, then I use nail glue to attach it. If I want extra safety, I put top coat over everything. But I would not recommend these if you have to put on tight jeans or pull things out of boxes - they are stable, but eventually, a little bit more pressure will get them to fall off. Usually for me, the pointy bottom of the heart would detach first, and would get caught in clothes or hair. So I usually wear these just on the ring finger, and attach them very well. If I did not bend them, they would really stick out and I don't think they would last 2 hours. But when I prepare them well, they make it through 1 day, then I take them off.


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