Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alverde Schminkpalette 10 - Swatch And Review

Product: Creamy make-up palette, no. 10
Brand: Alverde naturkosmetik by dm
Rating: 2/10
Price: On sale 10 kn, regular price 40 kn (5 euro)
Recommendation: Avoid at all costs if you have any intention of using this.

I've written about this product before, but I did not post swatches. Well, carnival time is upon us, and to my horror, I've seen this horrible product again in DM, so I thought I might write again and warn you about it. I bought it because I thought it looked so cute (and it is cute), but the product is useless. The pigmentation is bad (except for black, and maybe red), and the product will not stay in place. When applied, no matter what base/setting is used, it will always stay creamy and sticky, so if you touch your face it will smudge, or worse - transfer to clothes or people. And the feeling of having something like this on your skin is not nice. I think this product might appeal to people with kids - they might think it would be useful to paint the kid's faces for halloween/carnival. But, what you will get is 5 hours of work trying to wipe this off of every single surface. If you happen to see this in store, avoid it. I wish I never tried mine out at all, it would look so pretty if it wasn't smudged. Yeah, the packaging is cute and very sturdy, that's why I graded it with a 2. If the packaging sucked, it would be a clear 1. Maybe I'm missing something? Anyone tried this out? Were you able to use it?
So there you go - an adorable-looking product that I am unable to use at all. Any product that you've tried that had a great packaging and appearance, but disappointed you when you tried using it?


  1. lol, super šta ne idem u maškare pa mi ovo ipak ne treba ahahaha

    1. zamisli da namaljaš svoje klince- njima ide na živce to masno- pobrišu facu rukom, a onda diraju zidove, kauč, itd....strava hehe

  2. gledala sam, imala sam namjeru kupit, ali srecom preskocih, ne bi funkcioniralo kao baza za sjenila


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