Thursday, January 2, 2014

Preview: CATRICE “Une, deux, trois”

Hey everyone! So this limited edition collection by Catrice will be available in February, just in time for Valentine's day. It's divided in 5 color themes, and in each shade you get lipstick, blush and nail polish that match. It's pretty awesome. Here come the pictures:
Lipstick design:
Mini Kabuki brush:
Here is what I like the best:
Blushes: Cherry and Pinky are for me, but since I have a lot of pink blushes, I think I will not be getting Pinky.
Lipsticks: These are supposed to have a matt-finish, so that makes me really happy. Cherry and Rosy look the best for me, but Rosy is my absolute favorite.
Nail polishes: I think I won't be getting any. They're gorgeous, but I have so many nail polishes, and I'm trying to use polishes from my collection, instead of just buying new ones. The Rosy and Nudy look the best to me.
The kabuki brush I will not be getting, instead I have my eye on the LOOK by BIPA Kabuki brush - the design is so much prettier.
Catrice and Essence are coming out with a ton of new products, not just limited editions, but new standard range products, so I'll be writing about those later this week.
If you want to see this collection on the Catrice website, here is the LINK.
For the girls in Croatia, Catrice limited edition collections are available in Muller stores, I usually post on my TWITTER when they arrive.

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