Sunday, January 26, 2014

Essence Sale - What I Got - Part Two

I went back for more essence goodies (LINK to my first essence post), I've been bad, LOL. Because I fell in love with the first two pigments I got (numbers 13 and 20), I got a lot more - and I'm obsessed - they're fun to play with, and they're just breathtakingly beautiful. The price of all items on sale is 9.99kn, and you can get them at DM in Croatia (later probably at Kozmo and Muller as well). A quick description of individual pigment shades:
01 studio 54 - Tiny glitter particles, doesn't blend into the skin, more difficult to apply than the others
02 smell the caramel - a gorgeous caramel-gold shade.
08 cop & copper - copper shade, easy application
06 WOW it's orange - coral-pink-orange. The name is misleading, it's a very pastel-like shade.
13 paparedzzi - not a fierce red, more of a pink-red, a mild red shade, still gorgeous.
03 box of chocolate - dark brown with sparkle
20 black sparrow - black with silver/blue undercolor
I applied all the pigments using this product:
Essence COLOUR ARTs Eye Base - I'm loving it, it's really great to use with pigments. I think this might become my new favorite the hell did I not notice it until now? I might buy one more, I'm that obsessed with it.
I also got these false lashes - I went to my local DM the first day of sale, and I thought they were sold out, but when I went back a week later, they found they had more lashes in their storage and they put them out. I'm happy I got them, since I really wanted to try them out, but aaaargh I'm so angry they didn't put all the items out at once. Sloppy. Anyways, I'm so excited about these, I'm going to have so much fun with them!
And I got Stay With Me longlasting lipglosss in 02 My Favorite Milkshake. The shade is gorgeous (very peachy), but it's very watery. Because I didn't wear lipgloss for a while it will take me some time to get used to the feeling. But I think it's a good product. The shade really is a great match for my light skin tone.


  1. Love these. We still don't have the sale. But I plan on picking up those pigments, because they're so versatile to use:)

    1. The pigments are awesome. In croatia, Muller already did the catrice sale, and now the new catrice stuff is already out - but you can still find the items on discount in those glass pots around the store. Dm is right now having the essence sale, but Muller still does not have essence discounted. We also have a croatian store that has both these brands, but they're always 5 months behind on new stuff, so......

  2. Gledala sam njihove pigmente na snizenju i zakljucila da mi ne trebaju, uzela samo tu arts bazu, ali po tvojim fotkama, nsad mi je zao narancastog i zadnjeg. Nadam se da cu ih uspjeti naci :( :D

    1. Imaš ih u onom dm-u na placu na kvatriću...ali ne drži svaki dm pigmente....

  3. ajme ti si baš bila zločesta, zavidim :D

  4. Replies
    1. četkica mi je malo čudna, ali inače sam se iznenadila, nijansa mi stvarno dobro stoji....


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