Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Discussion: New Essence Products - Nails

Hey everyone, and happy Tuesday! New Essence products will be available on February 10th, and I wanted to share my thoughts about them and hear what you think. And now for all the nail products! There are some really good ones!
Essence always offers a large selection of colors, and here are a few new ones. I'm trying to use the polishes in my collection, and am restraining myself from buying new 'ordinary' polishes - I only get sands and glitters now. So I think I'll pass these, I need to use the ones I already have.
Sadly the gray and the red essence sand effect polishes are leaving, and these two are arriving. I do not like the colors - I would love for essence to release darker sands - dark blue, dark red, dark purple, etc....so I'm not sure these two are for me. Maybe the pink one?
There are some fun glitters in here, glitter jewels collection is my favorite.
It would be interesting to see what does this 'feather effect' means. 101 dalmations is a fun topper, but since I've already got the similar polish by Maybelline, I will skip this one.
These are really cute pastel-nude polishes.
OMG VELVET POWDER - IN BLACK!!!!! How awesome! That is so amazing - I'll get it! Other glitter is not for me.
I never got into the whole 'magnet effect' thing. Did you?
The jewel sets look fun, but the DIY stickers is not my cup of tea.
Ok, I' am so trying out the sponge remover! And this cuticle cream - looks amazing!
The whole gel nails thing never hit me - I never have gel nails, I guess it's more for women who don't have time to do their nails, but still want them to look flawless for a longer period of time. Not for me. Seems too much work.

So that's it - all the new essence products. Did you make a to-buy list already? I think maybe they released too many items at once. There are a few good ones, and some 'what the hell'-ones as well. Let me know how you feel about these, and thanks for reading!
***Photos from the essence website.


  1. I always buy everything nail-related from Essence that comes out. I love their nail polishes and they're so affordable! Unfortunately we don't usually get much in Canada, so I always grab whatever I see at the store. I sure hope we'll get some of these!

    1. They really have a huge selection of colors as well as nail art, and the prices are amazing. They're really a great brand.

  2. Bas mi je dosta stvari zapelo za oko :D volim njihove lakove, jeftini i lijepi. Nadam se da sve dolazi do nas hihi

    1. meni je crni velvet prah najbolji...lakovi su mi malo dosadni ako nemaju neki posebni efekt, već imam puno boja, nakon nekog vremena mi dosadi kupit nešto, a slično već imam.

  3. ajme meni, jadna ja kad sve ovo dođe do nas, jadan moj novčanik ;)
    uopće ne znam gdje da prvo pogledam *.*


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