Monday, January 13, 2014

Discussion: New Essence Products - Face, Lips And Body

Hey everyone, and happy Monday! New Essence products will be available on February 10th, and I wanted to share my thoughts about them and hear what you think. So let's get started!
Do I really need to say how obsessed I am with these blushes? They're so beautiful....I adore them. What a great new addition to the range! Gradient blushes are the cutest!
So these 5 boxes are coming out - they have instructions on how to use the products, etc. Personally, I'm not into them, but the shades that come with the eyebrow kit are really perfect - everything you need. The nude palette (the peach-colored one) seems to have the best color choice from the eyeshadow boxes.
I am so excited about this oil control make-up base. Catrice is releasing a similar product, and I hope at least one of them works. This might be an amazing product for a great price. The essence matt papers have always been amazing, so I have no doubt that this one will be great as well.
I've been using the original 'match 2 cover' and it's one of my favorite essence products. So I'm excited there will be more color choices, and I'll definitively get it. The cover stick just looks depressing.
Not for me, any of them. I guess I don't need them right now.
I think I've mentioned this before, lipgloss is not my up of tea. I like the design of the products, but I just don't use these.
So essence has removed the 'Stay Matt' Lip Creams, to replace them with these. I am excited about them, and can't wait to see if they're as good as the old ones. The packaging is better than the old ones, and I like the larger selection of nude shades.
I love the new lipstick packaging, and these two delicate shades might be just what I was looking for. Other stuff seems blah.
Lipglosses. Not my cup of tea. Great if you use these, but I just don't.
Now this I love - hair dye powder! I'll try the red one for sure, seems so much fun.
I actually have this products (the little star), because it was a part of an essence limited edition (I think it was 'Cute As Hell' collection), and it works really well. It's a fun idea. The hearts are adorable, better than the stars - I might cave in and get it.
Such gorgeous glitter - it's actually body glitter that's supposed to be used with the stickers below - now I'm not into body glitter, but I wonder if these could be used on nails - that might be fun. And I love the packaging - these look like so much fun. All three color combinations are breathtaking.
Yeah, fake tattoos, glitter tattoos - not for me. But the stickers might be fun.
All of these things above are so blah - plus that color is not for me - I don't like that shade of green.

So, what do you think of these? I'm obsessed with the gradient blushes, but there are a lot of new and exciting products coming out. Essence did good, hehe.

***Photos from the essence website.

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