Monday, January 13, 2014

Discussion: New Essence Products - Eyes

Hey everyone, and happy Monday! New Essence products will be available come February 10th, and I wanted to share my thoughts about them. So let's get started!
These 'All About...' eyeshadow palettes are just for me - they're adorable, great colors, and I love the simple packaging. This is a great addition to the brand. It remains to be seen the quality of the products, personally I expect middle pigmentation, but they sure are lovely to look at, right?
More eyeshadows coming up - I love the first shade on the photo - very gorgeous nude, just flawless. The hot pink looks awesome as well, but other colors don't wow me. What do you think?
Ugh, I'm not a fan of the 3D eyeshadow, I think the whole line is a mistake. I just don't like it when two eyeshadow colors are put in the same pot. But that's just me.

Now, if I got this right, the 'metal glam' eyeshadows are available only in Muller stores (sorry if I'm mistaken). Personally, I like this line better than the regular eyeshadows, and they have great shades available.
These quattro eyeshadow palettes are so horrible to me - essence used to have these really cute quattro palettes with 4 circular pots inside - the fact that these pots are strangely shaped doesn't make me happy - I am avoiding these. 
These smokey eyes sets look really great, and they might be great to take with you. Great for travel.
These effect eyeshadows do not seem interesting to me. It seems like I would make a mess using them. I might wait for some reviews, and then decide, but eyeshadows in a tube never attracted me too much....
Eye blah...they look cute, but I'm not interested.
These might be great - Catrice has a similar product coming out. I like the Catrice design much better, and I'll get that one.
Crystal eyeliner...what the hell were they thinking? Seems so tacky to me. Nope, not for me.
Ok, these I actually like - the color mascaras - these are so much fun. I am in love. The red/pink one is perfect for me.
Mascaras - blah again. Lash base might be interesting, I just hope it doesn't make eyelashes seems spidery....You know what I mean?
So, they're coming out with a new eyebrow shade - for blondes. Personally, their packaging always looked so unstable to me, I like sturdy products, packaging is very important to me.
I feel so sad that they removed the beautiful lashes that were in the green packaging, and instead they're bringing these? I'm not impressed - besides, I always liked my fake lashes to be thickest/longest near the edge of the eye, not in the center. The eye blender brush looks amazing, that's a great addition to their range.

So what do you think about the upcoming eyes products? Excited about something? I'm loving the 6 pack palettes and the color mascaras, but the rest of the new products doesn't get me too excited. Remains to be seen, I guess? What are you most excited about?

***Photos from the essence website.


  1. I do not care any product except for the blending brush! I cannot have enought of brushes and for such a price it would be shame to do not try it out!:-) Love this post! I´m more intrested in new Catrice relieses.


    1. yes, catrice always has better designed products....


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