Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CATRICE New: The WOW Products

Hey everyone! CATRICE has a few new products coming out soon (a part of the standard range), and instead of just posting them all in one post, I thought I might divide them into two categories: the WOW and the BLA. Check out the WOW products, the ones I'm really excited about, and let me know what you think of these. The BLA post coming soon as well.
Ultimate Colour Lipsticks: 340 Berry Bradshaw (very gorgeous darker shade), 310 Red My Lips (now this is what I call a red lipstick, and it looks very similar to the shade 'Roaring Red' from the 'Feathers and Pearls' limited edition), 320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus (this shade might be very nice, looks fresh and tropical, I like the name). It remains to be seen if any of these are matte, and how the shades look in person, but so far I'm loving these new additions.
Crushed Crystals: 01 Royal REDding (great name, right?), 03 Shooting Star, 02 PLUMdogMillionaire - these are sand-effect polishes with awesome sparkle, I've seen swatches and they're breathtaking. If you adore sand-effect, these babies are just for you. I'm so happy about these, I love sand-effect.
Crushed Crystals: 05 Stardust (looks like essence's 'Here's My Number', right?), 06 Call Me Princess, 04 Oyster & Champagne. Again, these sand-effect nail polishes might just be the highlight of the new products.
Ultimate Nail Lacquer: 52 Where Is My Ferrari, 53 Inner Purple Of Trust, 48 Emerald Bay. Out of all the nail polishes coming out, these shades looked the best to me - a sparkly red, a gorgeous dark purple, and a subtle green.
Ultimate Nail Lacquer: 51 I´m So aNude, 54 My APPricot, 57 Karl Says Très Chic. Lately I've been falling back in love with nude polishes, and these seem so gorgeous. All three shades look elegant.
Prime And Fine Pore Refining And Anti-Shine Base; Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base - I'm really excited about the Anti-shine Base, I hope it works, fingers crossed!
Absolute Eye Colour Quattro: 100 F'rosen Yoghurt, 120 Pretty Little Lilacs. Catrice eyeshadows are amazing, and these little quattros seem to me like they might be the best choice.
Eyebrow Lifter 010 Lift Me Up, Scotty!, Eye Brow Stylist 040 Don't Let Me Brow'n. So the eyebrow lifter might be a fun product to try out, I always put highlight under my brow, and the design of the product is beautiful. A lot of girls use Catrice eyebrow pencils, and one more shade is great to add. This one looks like it might be my shade, so I'll be checking it out. 
Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder, 010 Shimmering Bronze. What to say? A girl needs some bronzer, I love the design.
So what do you think about these products? I'm excited about the lipsticks and the sand-effect polishes the most. Overall, Catrice is putting out 66 new products that will be a part of the standard range.
***Photos from the CATRICE website


  1. lakići lakići *.*
    i baze, nadam se da budu dobre. baš me zanimaju :D

    1. i ja se jako veselim sand lakovima.....nijanse su prekrasne, osim one 'oyster &champagne', ta mi izgleda malo bljutavo.


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