Monday, December 9, 2013

Summer Sunset Ombre Look

Happy Monday everyone! So I dug up these photos, I wore this look during the summer. Sunset Ombre is my favorite nail look. This would have looked so much better if I did some black stamping over it, but instead I put glitter on, and sort of ruined it. Here's a photo of that:
I like it better without the top coat. Anyways, the polishes I used are all unavailable (I'm trying to use up some of my older polishes), EXCEPT for the one on the pinky, which is Maybelline Colorama no.75 (amazing texture and color, I recommend this one). The winter is upon us, so it's time to do white-to-blue ombre looks. Do you wear Ombre nails at all? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. aaaaa ljeto izgleda tako blizu *.*

  2. Bas je suncani ombre <3 svidja mi se vise bez glittera moram priznat, podsjeca me na ljeto :)

    1. da, bez glittera je bolji, sa glitterom se ne vidi toliko razlika u boji.


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