Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review: Catrice Pinkadoxa Cream To Powder Blush

Hey everyone! Here's a quick swatch and review of one of Catrice's Limited Edition products from the Celtica collection: Cream To Powder Blush shade C01 Pinkadoxa. Quick word: It's awesome. It does exactly what the name says - goes from cream to powder. Easy to apply with your fingers, easy to blend. Great texture. Pigmentation is good, the shade is very soft, delicate pink so it doesn't look too heavy for my pale winter face. I can't think of anything bad to say about this product. There is also one more shade available, but this is more my cup of tea. Before this collection came out, I was excited about the nail flakes, but I took one look at them in the store and they looked nothing like the promo picture, so I didn't get them. This is my first cream blush and I have to say they're very easy to use. Price: 35kn. This is a 10/10.
Here's a link to what Catrice says about this product: HERE, and you can check out the entire collection HERE.
Sorry that the swatches are not much, the weather is bad, but I wanted to put this post out so you can go and get this blush before it's too late. This will be great for the winter, I'm so happy I decided to get it. What do you think about Celtica Limited Edition? 


  1. Aaaa trebam a znam da ga necu moc nabavit, drzim fige da dodje u kozmo, muller mi je sad puno predaleko

    1. ja uvijek zaboravim koliko sam sretna što mi je muller tako blizu....šteta što muller na trgu nema catrice....

    2. da svakako :) Iako meni trenutno najblizi muller je u splitu tako da nista od shoppinga, zato nadoknadjujem drugim glupostima XD


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