Thursday, December 5, 2013

Four Amazing Body Products

Happy Thor's day! First of all, sorry for the lack of nail polish related posts. Winter has come and my hands are a mess and my nails are so short and weak. I'm drinking some special vitamins, so we'll see if that'll work. Anyways, today I wanted to talk about four body products that I've been using and they're all amazing.
Balea Creme-Oil Bodylotion, Limited edition: Balea is dm's own brand. This is by far my favorite body product ever. Seriously. Leaves my skin smooth for days. Easy, smooth application. And the smell is to die for, and it's so subtle and light. There is also another version of this product available, the packaging is very similar, but the other one has pistachio. 10/10
Balea Shower Peeling, Buttermilk & Lemon, Limited Edition: This peeling shower gel smells amazing, and it does the job well. Leaves my skin smooth and soft, and it's not too rough. I've been looking for a great shower peeling, and I've finally found it. Easy to open and close so it's easy to use in the shower (I hate products that I can't open so I end up breaking a nail aaargh!). Great product. 10/10
Neutrogena Deep Moisture Body Lotion - Dry Skin: This product comes in a few versions, I got the one for dry skin. The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula leaves your skin moisturized. This product is supposed to be applied after taking a shower/bath. I love the smell of it (that typical body-lotion smell). And it does leave my skin soft and silky. However, I am not too happy about the packaging. I just prefer different a kind of packaging, though this is more convenient to use. You get 250ml of product. I need this for the winter because my skin gets so dry. I actually do prefer the Balea bodylotion more than this product. 8/10
Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Light Balm: The smell is amazing, the kind rich body creams have. I love the packaging, it's easy to use in a hurry. It applies easy and covers well and has a very light texture. It doesn't leave your skin sticky, so you can put clothes on right after application. I've used it also on my hands and I've been loving it, you only need a small amount and your dry skin feels instantly nourished. It really is fast absorbing. You get 300ml, and I got it in dm when it was 50% off, so it's was a great deal. There are three different kinds you can choose from to best suit your skin's needs. 10/10

I saw the Balea peeling gel on this BLOG and it was a great recommendation, and I found out about the Balea bodylotion on a blog by a girl called Josipa, and I just can't seem to find her blog so I can link it here. :( If I find it later, I'll add it. FOUND IT! LINK Lately I've been trying out products that bloggers have been recommending and I've found some amazing stuff. Have you tried any of these out? Does your skin need special care during the winter? I actually have very oily skin, but come winter, and the skin on my body becomes super dry. So I need to put lotions all the time (It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again LOL). I'm so happy I found some great products. Bring it on Winter, I'm ready! ;)


  1. Sva cetiri proizvoda koristim i obozavam! :) U zadnje vrijeme balea najcesce, pogotovo losion od badema, cudo u tubici!

    1. mislim da ću kupiti 3 ta, čisto da ih imam u rezervi, budući da je limited edition. prolit ću rijeku suza kad ovaj proizvod ode :(

  2. gi obozavam proizvodite od Balea i nonstop baram nekoi da gi probam. Ke gi kupam prvite dva proizvoda shto pobrzo i ke gi probam :).

    1. stvarno sam zadovoljna balea proizvodima, kvaliteta im je super, a miriše divno ;)


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