Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catrice Josephine's Joy Lipstick Review

Happy last day of 2013! This lipstick is from a Limited Edition collection by Catrice called ''Feathers & Pearls'' - it's called 'Josephine's Joy'. I already got the eyeshadow palette and 'Roaring Red' lipstick from this collection - here are links for those posts: PALETTE and LIPSTICK. 'Roaring Red' was so amazing that I couldn't resist getting this one as well. I know this collection is almost completely gone from Muller stores, but it might be available later in some stores in Croatia that don't keep up with current collections. Anyways, even if you can't get it now, I wanted to say for the record that Catrice matte or semi-matte lipsticks are amazing and you should get them  - they will not disappoint. 
Review: This is a 10/10. Great texture, easy application, it's semi-matte, but seems completely matte, doesn't dry your lips or makes them look dry. Great pigmentation. This shade is very similar to 'Roaring Red', but this one is a bit darker and has a berry-shade to it. The packaging is beautifully designed and great quality. Price: 33kn. Honestly, I wanted to write this review a while ago, but I can't get good swatch pictures. So endure the horror below, in about 30 minutes I'll write another post where I compare my matte Catrice lipsticks, so there might be some better photos there. When I post it, I'll link it HERE.
Did you get anything from this collection? Or are you regretting not getting anything from this collection? I think this collection was one of their best designed yet. I'm just a sucker for cute packaging.

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