Monday, December 30, 2013

Catrice 'It's A Matt World' Lipstick Review

Hey! This week I'll post some lipstick reviews, and here's the first one. I already did a review of another Catrice Matt Lipstick,you can check it out HERE. I present to you Catrice ULTIMATE Colour Lipstick - 260 'It's A Matt World'. For some reason, it looks so orange-like on my swatches - it's really NOT ORANGE AT ALL. It's matt, and it's a bright classic red shade. I've had it for a while, I do prefer darker shades, but this one is a gorgeous classic red that's a must have in your collection. Application is easy, Catrice really provides us with great quality lipsticks. Because my pictures look so orange-like (the lipstick does have an orange undertone that is seen in bright sunlight, but in shade it's Rita-Hayworth-red), I give you a link to someone else's review that might show you (better than me) what this lipstick looks like: VERACAMILLA. I don't understand that language, but the girl's gorgeous, right? Overall, I am happy with this product and I am glad I got it. 
Lipstick Grade: 10/10 Price: 33kn.
***I have since written a Catrice matte lipsticks comparison post - the link is HERE.
Later this week I'll post a comparison of all my Catrice lipsticks, so that might give you a better idea what this one looks like. This lipstick is part of the standard range, so I guess you guys must have seen it or tried it out by now. What do you think?


  1. Great review. But it's interesting, everybody says, that it's a red shade, but on me it has orange undertone, so I don't think it's a classic red shade. But I guess, it depends from a skin tone. :)

    1. This lipstick is leaving now, and some new shades are arriving, I think they will be similar to the ones from the 'Feathers &Pearls'' LE. You know, when I was writing this post, I wore it, and it looked so red, but on pictures it looks orange. Confusing. I think they're removing it from the standard range because of the orange undertone, and instead they'll put up some darker reds (which have no hint of orange). For me, this lipstick in shade is very red, and in sunlight it has an orange undertone, but on my lips it looks red-red, and I see no hint of orange once it's applied. It's kind of a tricky shade to figure out in the store, maybe that's why they're removing it.


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