Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Catrice 'Roaring Red' Lipstick

Here's another product from the Catrice Limited Edition Collection 'Feathers and Pearls'. This shade is called 'Roaring Red'. I've had this lipstick for a few days, but it's already become one of my favorite products. I recommend it. The design of the packaging is beautiful, the  pigmentation is amazing. This lipstick is a 'classic' vibrant red shade. The texture is very creamy and it's easy to apply. Durability is also great, you can eat and drink and it will stay on. Minimum touch-ups needed. Price is about 33HRK. In the promo post it says this lipstick is semi-matte, but it seems matte, and it doesn't dry lips out. It doesn't emphasize flaws, it's just a really great quality product. Sorry that the swatch pictures are a bit blurry, I wanted to write this post while these lipsticks are still available, and the cloudy weather did not work with me.
***I have written a Catrice matte lipsticks comparison post - the link is HERE.
What Catrice says about this product: ''Lady Chic. A semi-matt finish is the epitome of contemporary elegance. The classic colors in light pink and two shades of red as well as the creamy texture ensure a fabulous 1920’s look.'' I got this lipstick from the collection, but I'm still second-guessing if I should go back and get 'Josephine's Joy'. It's the same quality and texture, but a bit darker, but that's why it might be better for winter. You can see the entire collection HERE. I already posted a review of the eye palette, and you can see that HERE. Will you get anything from this collection? I'm loving the fact that Catrice is releasing more and more matte lipsticks!


  1. The shade is gorgeous, I would get it, but I have soooo many lipsticks and I'm really trying not to buy much more of them, because I still have few untried. But Catrice lipsticks are really great quality.

    1. yes, I didnt have this shade in matt, but if you have something similar you dont really NEED it. But if you do buy it, it wont be a waste ;)


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