Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Catrice Feathers and Pearls Eye Palette

Happy Monday! The weather is horrible, so lets talk about some products! I have been constantly talking about this palette ever since I saw it in the promo pictures. It's from one of Catrice's Limited Edition collections called 'Feathers and Pearls' and the name of the palette is 'Hollywood's Golden Age'. Link to the entire collection HERE. I wanted it because it just looked so beautiful. I am a sucker for beautiful design. Anyways, this product looks amazing, but the eyeshadows are not out-of-this-world quality. They shed so much, and that's not good. However, even though I was at first disappointed, I've changed my mind after seeing how the first pot is (it's not eyeshadow, it's actually a cake-eyeliner, you're supposed to dip in a wet brush and use it wet). It's the best part of this product.
What Catrice says about this product: 'The Eye Palette offers five eyeshadows, an innovative cake-eyeliner. To apply the cake eyeliner simply mix it with a moist brush and apply it to your lashline. The pressed powder eyeshadows have a soft texture to ensure expressive looks and contain glitter pigments for a guaranteed glam factor.'
1st POT- This cake eyeliner is great. You can't use it as eyeshadow since it's bad pigmentation dry, but it isn't meant to be used as an eyeshadow anyways. I love how it looks when using a wet brush and I think this will be my go-to eyeliner. This might be the best part of the product.
2nd POT- At first this reminded me of a Catrice Eyeshadow 'The Captain Of The Black Pearl', but they're not similar. 'Captain' is so much darker and better pigmented. This one is not pitch-black, and even though they both have blue glitters in them, the glitters in this eyeshadow are a bit smaller. This eyeshadow doesn't shed dust (maybe because the texture isn't as soft as the last three eyeshadows).
3rd POT - Metallic finish, and a creamy feel. This isn't a color for me, but the quality of it is good.
4th POT - Bad pigmentation, sheds dust.
5th Pot- Considering I recently bough a gold eyeshadow by Catrice (from the Rocking Royals LE), this one is a disappointment. The pigmentation is so much weaker than the other one, and it sheds dust particles everywhere. I might use it as an accent eyeshadow though.
6th POT - Weakest in the palette. Sheds and has really poor pigmentation. I might use it in corners of my eyes or occasionally as highlighter.
The Brush: It's very similar to the brush that comes with the NUDE Catrice palette, the sponge-parts are the same, but the brush-parts are different. This one is more compact, while the one from the Nude palette is better suited for sweeping motion.

Conclusion: Packaging: 10+. It's the reason I bought it. I know I said the eyeshadows are not very good quality (or maybe Catrice has spoiled me with amazing products so far), but honestly I am only happy with this product. I have a big smile on my face, and I will be using 3 or 4 of the pots regularly. Overall, price-wise (same price as the Catrice NUDE palette) I'd say this is a great product. If you're a sucker for great design, get it. If you're looking for strong pigmentation, or want to avoid glitter-eyeshadows, this isnt for you. Well, testers are available, so you can swatch them yourself and see what you think before buying. As you can see on the photo above, eyeshadow base makes a hell of a difference.
To all you nail polish lovers, sorry for the lack of nail-polish posts, but I had to cut my nails really short, and well that's just no fun! Soon I will bring you a review of a lipstick from this Limited Edition as well. Take care!


  1. I really like your photos of this palette. The packaging is really nice, but eyeshadows are nothing special, I actually have many palettes and I think I can find similar shades in those palettes. But I like Catrice's idea of these palettes, it would be nice, if they'd do one with only matte eyeshadows (because I know, many girls like matte eyeshadows). I think I would buy it too then.
    Did you get anything else from this collection?

    1. Ups, I saw read, that you got lipstick too, don't know, how I missed that before, lol. Can't wait to read that post. :)

    2. I'm just processing the pictures, I'll put up the lipstick-post today probably, I got 'Roaring Red', and I totally recommend it, AMAZING QUALITY. It's semi-matt, it looks matt, but doesnt dry out your lips. 'Josephine's Joy' is also nice, but maybe too dark for me, I like the more classic red. I agree, I hope Catrice will put out a matte eyeshadow palette, they always put only glitter in palettes. Now that I've seen how great quality the lipstick is, I think I might just buy Josephine's Joy as well. ;)


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