Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lips Care Products I've Been Using

Hey Everyone! Today I'll talk a bit about some lip products I've been using lately. During the winter I have very dry lips, so proper care is very important to me. So let's get started!
Labello LIP BUTTER: Vanilla & Macadamia; Raspberry Rose - Great texture, the name says it right -they really have a butter-like texture. Both products smell and taste amazing. They do their job very well and keep my lips moisturized. Packaging is cute, and I can put it in my purse and it won't open. They are on sale in Dm stores in Croatia until the end of this month, so you might want to take advantage of that. Price: 18kn.
CARMEX, moisturising lip balm: Hands down the best product here. When I first tried it, it felt as if it stung, as if my lips were swollen (most people say it 'tingles' a bit). I kept on using it, got used to the feeling and I've used it up already! I didn't want to use any other product, because I fell in love with this one. It stays on forever, no need to re-apply, protects my lips and nourishes them. It feels like wax, in the sense that it provides a very strong but thin protection. Great for winter. I got it at Muller. I highly recommend it. Price: 21kn
Balea Vaseline: I got this at Dm (Balea is Dm's own brand). I apply it before I go to bed. It makes my lips very smooth and soft. You can also use this for your hands or cuticles. Great product. I recommend it. Price: 10kn.
Rosal LipBalm So Natural: I keep this product in my purse because it's perfect and just what I need when I'm in a hurry. Smooth and light texture, stays on. No scent or smell. It's great. Price: 18kn.
Muller CadeaVera Classic Lip Balm: This is a lip balm by Muller's own brand, CadeaVera. I do not recommend it. The texture is good, but the product has a strange smell. If I lick my lips, this product makes me cough. Weird, right? There are better products out there in the same price range, so I won't be buying this again. Price: around 14kn

Now, I also wanted to talk quickly about a few products I've been loving. They're not really 'lips care', but having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile is as important as having soft, moisturized lips.
Dm Dontodent Brillant Weiss Zahnband: This dental floss by dm's own brand 'Dontodent' is the best dental floss I've ever tried. It's just the right thickness, not too thin, not too thick, doesn't get stuck while flossing. If you're unhappy about the floss you've been using, try this one. I seriously can't live without this. Price: half the price of other dental flosses and about ten times better.
Muller Sensident Fresh Mouthwash: This is my favorite mouthwash ever. It does the job well, but isn't too aggressive so that my mouth burns afterwards (which is the main problem I've had with other mouthwash products). I don't recommend the green version, but this blue one has not let me down. I've re-purchased this over and over again. Price: 9kn.

Have you been using any of these products? Do they work for you? Let me know in the comments! See you again soon, thanks for stopping by! ;)


  1. Ovisnik sam o preparatima za njegu usana. Mislim da bih umrla bez labela :)

    1. meni je ovaj carmex zamijenio labello, i sad sam luda bez njega, tako da znam na što misliš ;)

  2. Ovo ce bit korisno trebat ce mi novi labelo uskoro :D

    1. otkad sam kupila carmex skroz sam zaboravila na labello. al carmex je nezgodan - il ga obožavaš, il ga mrziš, jedan od 'tih' proizvoda ;)


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