Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eyeshadow Review: Catrice Rocking Royals, Finally Crowned

Happy Saturday guys! Here's a short review of an eyeshadow by Catrice (my favorite brand right now), from their limited edition called 'Rocking Royals'. The eyeshadow is called 'Finally Crowned'. I'm loving it, great pigmentation, great sparkle, this will be awesome for New Year's Eve looks. Now, this product is not a dupe for any eyeshadow from the ones available by Catrice. The gold eyeshadow from the 'Liquid Metal Eyeshadow' range has a more creamy texture, and the shade called '420 Talk Like An Egyptian' is more of a white-gold, while this is a more of a yellow-gold. The reason I'm talking about dupes is because the lipstick from this Limited edition called 'Of Royal Blood' is an almost identical shade to a lipstick called 'Matt-erial Girl' from the regular range by Catrice. I don't want two products that are exactly the same so I always check. To see the entire collection, click HERE.
What Catrice says about this product: ''The pressed powder Velvet Metal Eyeshadows have a wonderfully soft texture and offer a metallic finish in elegant, intensive shades.'' I love it. It's a royal gold shade with lots of sparkle. It's a very festive shade, definitively for a special occasion. It's a little bit difficult to capture on camera though. Catrice eyeshadow packaging is amazing as always, I love the design of it. All the eyeshadows from this edition swatch well, but the silver shade is creamier than the rest. You can apply little if you want and then easily build up the product. Product doesn't shed. Price is around 30kn.
From this collection I also got the red MATT nail polish (I recommend it, it's my favorite polish EVER) and also the velvet nail powder. Today the new LE is out. It's called Feathers and Pearls, you can check it out HERE. I got the gorgeous palette and the 'Roaring Red' lipstick, both amazing products. Thank you Catrice for creating such beauties! See you in the next post, let me know what you think! You can follow me on FACEBOOK or on TWITTER.


  1. I kakva je feathers and pearls paleta? :D

    1. prekrasna mi je. nije da mi treba, ali baš je super. ima testere, ako i uvijek, pa možeš procijeniti jel i tebi treba ili ne hehe ;)

    2. Ma treba mi! Sa još par stvari iz te kolekcije.
      Samo ću morati pričekati tjedan dana da odem kupiti xD (jer nemam para haha)


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