Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beauty uk high brow VS. Catrice eyebrow set

Happy Saturday! I recently bought the beauty uk high brow all in one brow definition kit, so I decided to write about it, and also compare it to the Catrice eyebrow set that I've been using until now. I didn't buy the beauty uk set because I was unhappy with the Catrice one, I just thought it looked cute and wanted to try it out. I have not over-plucked my eyebrows since high school (thank god), so I'm happy with their shape, I just need to fill them up a bit (I don't need to draw them on or anything complicated LOL). My eyebrows are quite dark, since my hair is dark chestnut brown (though most people would probably say it's black).
Catrice Eyebrow Set: The packaging is sturdy. It's smaller than the beauty uk one, and a little bit bigger than a lipstick, so it will fit in your purse. It has a mirror inside (beauty uk does not have a mirror), so it's perfect for on the go. You get a tweezer (the tweezers from both of these products are almost exactly the same), a two-sided brush, and two eyebrow powders. I haven't been using the tweezers because whenever I'm at home, I just use my regular one, but these are actually not bad at all if you're in a hurry. I love the brush and I've been using it a lot (both sides). As for the powders, I haven't been using the lighter shade, because it's not well pigmented, and my eyebrows are too dark, so if I apply it, you can hardly see any difference. I've been using the darker shade. It's not too dark (so you don't look harsh), but it's just the perfect shade to fill in darker eyebrows without it looking like too much.
Beauty UK high brow, all in one brow definition kit: What I love about all beauty uk products is that they have a safety seal, so you know no one's touched it before you (take note, essence and Catrice). This product doesn't have a mirror, but this is not a problem for me, since I've always got a mirror with me, and I usually don't touch-up my eyebrows on the go. You get tweezers (the Catrice tweezers are more difficult to press together, so even though both tweezers look almost identical, the beauty uk ones are a bit easier to use). You also get a two-sided brush, but I've only been using the angled side. The lightest-colored pot is not powder, it's a kind of wax that you can use before or after eyebrow powder. I haven't been using it at all because I fix my eyebrows with essence's lash & brow gel mascara. This wax seems too oily for me, and I don't like it. So, the lightest shade I haven't been using. It's too light for me, I think it's better suited for blondes. The darkest shade (second in the top row) is really well pigmented, but makes me look a bit too harsh - so I haven't been using it everyday. I would only use it when I'm wearing a lot of eyeshadow or dark eyeliner, so that my eyebrows don't look washed out. The middle shade is really the best one for me. When I saw it I really didn't think it would suit me, but it did. It gives me a very soft look. And now a photo of the swatches:
As you can see, the lightest beauty uk shade is really light. I've got really dark hair and eyebrows, so I don't use it. What you can also see is how badly pigmented the lighter Catrice shade is. If I would have to pick a favorite, that would be very difficult to do. Both of these products are a good purchase. I am using both sets depending on whether I'm in a hurry (Catrice) or if I want bolder eyebrows (beauty uk). Now that I have both, I really do feel like I need both kits. I use the darker Catrice shade if I don't have a lot of make up at all, just to fill my eyebrows a little bit. I use the beauty uk darkest shade for a bolder night look, or if I know I'll be taking flash-pictures (so I don't look washed out). I use the beauty uk middle shade when I want a softer look to match a lighter eyeshadow.
If you've got light brown hair, I would recommend buying the essence eyebrow set, it seems to me that it's a much better choice for lighter brown hair than any of these two. It's got more brownish-colors. I'm dark chestnut, almost black, so essence did not appeal to me before, but now that I see I'm using both these kits, I might buy the essence one as well. These two are price-wise almost the same (beauty uk 30kn, Catrice 33kn). If I'm judging only by the packaging, I like beauty uk better, it seems more feminine to me. Here's a quick photo of the essence lash&brow gel mascara I've been using. I'm surprised the gel is still light, usually it soon turns a brown shade from the products. I also adore the Maybelline transparent mascara and I use it on my eyebrows, I think I'll buy that one after I spend the essence one. My eyebrow routine is fairly simple: I just fill in my brows lightly, apply some transparent mascara, comb and set eyebrows in place. 
What's your eyebrow routine? Do you use any of these products? I wonder has anyone tried out the essence eyebrow set - I hate their packaging, it's a class below than both of these, it looks so juvenile. But if it's a good product I might get over it. See you in the next post, follow me on all my social sites, links are to the right. ;)


  1. I'm using Catrice eyebrow set for one month now and I adore it. I finally found a perfect shade for my brows and that's lightest shade in the set. Although it's not great pigmented, when you swatch it with fingers, I like it, because I can first define my eyebrows and then upgrade the color as I want. I have Essence eyebrow set too, but I don't like it that much, because shades are too brown for me (although nice pigmented), but the packaging is horrible, because you get in it also eyebrow models in it and if you throw them away, you can't close the packaging anymore. And the packagins is plastic, not very sturdy.

    1. Yes, it's so important to find what works for your eyebrows. I guess I wont be getting the essence set then, I really do not need the browns. And when I saw it in store the packaging looked so bad. sometimes essence can have really great products, but the packaging ruins it.

  2. Nemam nijedan od ovih, nekako vise volim koristit olovku za popunjavanje, al mislim da cu uzet jednom ovaj beauty uk set samo za probu

    1. nekako mi se u zadnje vrijeme olovke čine pregrube, ja sam prešla na sjenila i ne vraćam se natrag hehe ;)


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