Monday, October 28, 2013

Perfect Zombie Green

Happy Monday! I'm wearing a gorgeous mossy-green shade. When I put it on, I thought it was really the color of zombie's faces. So, yeah, it's great for Halloween. It's by dm's own brand, S-he stylezone, shade 312 (121/312). I got this polish a few months back because it was on discount, and I'm loving it. I'm wearing two coats because the texture is quite watery. It did not stain my nails. It dried super fast. Once it was dry, it had a beautiful smooth texture. The brush is a bit weird, but I was able to work with it. Recommendation: file the surface of your nails before application because, like I said, this polish is watery, so you want a perfect canvas.
Upgraded look will be up tomorrow ;) See you then. Don't forget to follow me - all the links are to the right.


  1. krasna boja :D
    malo me ambalaža s-he proizivoda odbija (ne malo, nego puno) ali bojice često znaju biti ugodno iznenađenje :D

    1. meni je ambalaža lakova super, ali ne sviđa mi se što su na isti način pakirani i ruževi i maskare. znala sam među njihovim lakovima naletjeti na svašta, stvarno je kvaliteta svake boje individualna priča.


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