Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stamped Hearts

Happy Thor's Day! I'm wearing: two coats of Eveline MiniMax, shade 801. These polishes look great in the store, but I have not been enjoying them, their texture is very thick and they take a long time to dry. The stamping plate I used is by essence. This would be a nice look, but since I haven't been stamping for a while I forgot that you're supposed to wait a while before putting a top coat on. So that's the reason why my stamping is smudged. I don't think this would have happened had I waited longer.
Lately whenever I'd do stamping I would be so disappointed. Either the whole picture wouldn't transfer well, or I'd mess up and I wouldn't place the stamping on the same location on each nail so it would look lopsided. So in my opinion, stamping is difficult to work with IF you want or expect perfection. I see why there is a huge market for water decals. Those seem so much easier to work with. All in all I didn't enjoy this look - it doesn't match my personality. What are your experiences with stamping? Are you a stamping n00b too? ;)

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