Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sparkle Over Sponge

This was supposed to be a gradient, but what the hell happened? I know now what my mistake was, but I didn't want to let this look go to waste, so I threw some sparkle over it (because that's what you do, apparently, ha ha). Anyway, the black shade is Maybelline's 23 Dark Chocolate (no wonder this horrible watery polish is discontinued), the grey is Catrice 610 ASHley, and on the tips She's 121/115. The sparkle is Smart Girls Get More no. 138 (I think this was LE somewhere around Christmas). The red sparkle on the thumb is another old Maybelline, 54 Cherry Sweet (slowest drying polish EVER). So that's that, next gradient I know what to do (hopefully) so I don't need to 'fix' it afterwards.
I didn't really enjoy this look, even though the Smart Girls sparkle-polish is stunning. What do you think?

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