Friday, June 14, 2013

Yellow Is Not My Color

This yellow would look great on someone else's skin tone, but not me. I am wearing 3 layers of Catrice's 'Don't Feed The Birds'. This polish is long gone, I actually got it as a gift with another purchase. I would never have bought it myself because, even though it looks amazing in the bottle, it doesn't work well for me. Wouldn't you agree? Makes my hands look tired and dull. But it is a beautiful shade with the most amazing sparkle. I wore this look 2 weeks ago, so tomorrow I'll post an upgrade of this look, a failed attempt at stamping. Wait till you see it haha!
Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend. xoxo Jelena


  1. nije ni moja :(
    srećom ima puno boja koje još možemo nositi :D
    a i ova će već na nekom dobro izgledati ;)

    1. žute su mi defnitivno najgore...s drugim bojama nemam problema..ali žućkasta me baš ne voli hehe ;)

  2. I actually really like yellow, and I don't think it looks too off with your skin tone :-)

  3. For me, your nails looks good in this yellow nail polish! :)


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