Monday, April 8, 2013

Honey Crystals With Navy Blue

Hey all! Really simple look here: the navy color is by S-he, #295, one coat, amazing navy shade. The gold glitter is from Maybelline's old collection 'Mini Colorama', #48 Honey Crystals, which I applied using a sponge. No top coat on these pictures, but I'd recommend using top coat because the Maybelline polish is very rough in texture and it will get caught on clothes. Sorry about my dry hands, the spring is finally here so hopefully this will get better. Anyway, hope you're all well and I'll see you guys soon in another post.


  1. How do you photograph your glitters so beautifully. Mine never show and tend to just blur the rest of the design even in a light box. Your pictures are fabulous!

    1. aww thanks..that's why i take like 150 pictures to find a few i can use hehe...thank god it's sunny outside now, so i'll have nicer pics...but glitter is always so difficult to get...


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