Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Eve Appropriate

Hey everyone! If you live in Croatia, you know that Maybelline's new polishes are (almost) here, which means the old polishes are on sale! I love sales so I took advantage of the awesome prices and picked up a few Maybelline polishes. The red one on these pictures (and by itself in the photo below) is number 150 'Fruit Juice'. It is just the most beautiful red, I cant believe I never noticed it before - it has amazing durability and great shine - and it's a one coater, ah, it's just perfect. Go to your stores and grab a few of these, you will NOT regret it! The glitter on top (I think I will wear this look again for New Year's Eve, it looks very appropriate for that night) is by 'Smart Girls get more', it's one of their limited editions, number 142. The first few times I saw it I walked past it in the stores and decided not to get it, but since I ended up getting a few more from the limited edition collection, I got this one as well, and luckily I love it when it's on my nails. I did not even wear a top coat over this! Anyway, see you in the next post, hopefully you guys have some nice plans for the last day of 2012!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. I never know what to do with bar glitter. I love the simplicity and class of this.


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