Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Midnight Date Gorgeousness

Hey guys! This gorgeous blue shade is a polish by Essence, from the 'nail colour 3' collection. The shade is called 'midnight date'. This is the first time I'm trying one of these double-polishes, and as far as the shade goes, it's beautiful. It's a magical dark blue, it really does look spectacular. The downside is - this baby is a chipper. I'm telling you, it will last you a day and a half...TOPS! I wore it with no top coat, and that's the mistake. Essence has an amazing top coat  from the 'studio nails' line, so if you put that on top of this, you should be fine. I was really disappointed, I am in love with this shade, but it has such bad durability. Too bad.... :(
Despite the chipping, I'd still recommend you get it - I havent seen a blue shade as gorgeous as this one in a long time! Until next post, take care! ;)


  1. love it... it's still in my untried stash :(

    1. ah dobro, znači nisam jedina koja nije mogla odoljeti šarmu ove plave boje ;)


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