Sunday, December 16, 2012

La Roche-Posay polish is the best!

I've been planing to write about this brand of nail polish for quite some time, but whenever I'd wear them, I'd get bad weather or something, and the pictures were unusable. So here I am, finally, third time's the charm. Some time ago I took a break from wearing polish to try a nail-treatment to make my nails stronger. Well for years now if I want to give my nails a break, there's no need to stop wearing nail polish-I just wear La Roche-Posay! Seriously, there are no words to describe how amazing these polishes are - they would last me 10 DAYS on my nails, chip free (I know, amazing), and I'd have to remove them eventually because my nails would grow too much....gorgeous shades, they protect your nails and make them stronger, and you dont have to stop wearing nail polish!! Now the sad thing is, these are NOT available to buy in my country, but should be available throughout the rest of Europe (only in pharmacies I believe), and you can check them out HERE. Now I have seen that since I've last gotten my hands on these, they have changed the packaging, which makes me so excited since it's time to get a new one. I have 2 bottles of the same shade, however this shade that is on my nails has been discontinued (or so it was last time I checked). At first I didnt like it in the bottle, but placed on my nails it's amazing - such a gorgeous brown shade! Looking at the new bottles, I am eager to get my hands on a red shade! Anyway, to stop myself from blabbing on: amazing polishes, worth every cent, and if you have problems with your nails, you should look for these - they will make your nails healthier and stronger, and you wont have to give up wearing polish!
LOL You KNOW nail polish is AMAZING if I have 2 bottles of the same shade and they're both used up! (And I have over a 100 polishes, I forget how much)....Love these babies, I'm so glad I discovered these, and I am in love with the gentle warm-chocolate tone, I love the way it looks on my nails <3 See you in the next post! ;)

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