Friday, November 30, 2012

Tools and nail care

Hey everyone! So for the last few weeks I have been using a new treatment on my nails to make them a little bit stronger, so that's why I havent posted much lately. I was thinking, why not talk about the products I use? For a long time I have used BioProl's 'Nageltherapie-Stick' to make my nails stronger and healthier, and I have been super happy with this product, but someone recommended me a new product (much cheaper) and I decided to try it out. Here's a picture of it:
It's Eveline's '8in1 Total Action'.To be quite honest,the difference in price is visible-the expensive stuff does work better.:( Though, if you dont have serious nail problems, and just want to give your nails a break from all the polish, I think this product might work great for you. While I did feel that this polish/treatment protected my nails while I was wearing it, I dont think it made them stronger or more durable for the long run. I have however been super happy with Eveline's color-polishes, so you should check them out if you havent already! ;)
Now as for what type of brush I use to clean up my nails after I apply polish (especially after doing a gradient) I have seen many girls use make-up brushes, or even essence's eyeliner brush (because of the great shape), I would not recommend this. Make up brushes cant handle the acetone, and after using them twice for this purpose the hair will start falling out and will start sticking funny, and can easily mess up your art-work. What I recommend is buying a painting brush, one which has all the hair in a straight line, and which has a thin shape. (If you live in Croatia, like me, go to Muller, they have a great selection, and good prices too). This will last you a long time and it can handle the acetone without the brush getting damaged.
Now as for the nail file I use, I have switched to a glass nail file a long time ago, and I never went back to any other kind. I use Mont Bleu's products and I am super happy with them, you can check out their products HERE. Before I was using a glass nail file, my nails would chip a lot, and now that's been put under control. If you dont like using glass nail files, then I recommend using Alessandro's nail files, they were the best among the non-glass ones, and I still use them occasionally when I need to shorten my nails a lot.
To smooth out the surface of my nails I use essence's studio nails nail file (just step 1, I dont use this to shorten my nails). This makes my nails silky smooth and makes polish application very easy.
As for the sponges I use for gradients, I use make up sponges. I used to buy sponges which had a texture that was more similar to that of a kitchen sponge, but I find that make-up sponges work so much better (I also buy these at Muller). 
Hope you girls enjoyed this post, from next week I will be back to wearing nail polish again, and I've got some pretty awesome ideas. Have a great weekend guys! ;)
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