Friday, November 23, 2012

Ombre In The Fall...

Hey everybody! I did not wear ombre nails for a while, so I loved wearing this look-it was different and so much fun! So let's get to it-the polish on the thumb is Sephora's 'City Amazon', two coats. The forefinger is Catrice's 'Grey's Kelly'-now this color has a purple(?) undertone, and it's two coats. This polish is really weird, I cant really say if it's a grey or a brown color. The middle finger is Catrice's 'Dulce & Havanna' - what a beautiful shade -I fell in love with it! The ringfinger - Catrice's 'Bruno Brownani', another gorgeous brown shade, and the pinky is Essence's black stampy polish, which is a true dark black, i love it!
Whenever I wear ombre nails, I pair it up with very simple jewelry, so with this look I wore just simple black rings. If you havent tried ombre nails, you have to do it - when I saw them in a photo, I thought it would be too much; but once it's on your hands it looks amazing! Here are a few more photos, just because I LOVED wearing this look! ;)
See you in the next post, hope everyone had a great week! ;)

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