Friday, October 19, 2012

The Golden Triangles

Hey everyone! So I have this golden polish that I bought some time ago, and I decided to use it this week. It's 'Goldfinger' by Catrice. I applied two layers on my nails and....I hated it! It was streaky and it looked awful, so instead of deciding to take it off, I painted Catrice's 'Caught On The Red Carpet' over it - and the result was spectacular! The red polish was somewhat transparent (but gave even coverage with one coat) so you could see the golden shimmer underneath it - it gave a like-hologram effect....I was in love....what a surprise it was that something can go from awful to fantastic. I loved this look - I usually dont like to use scotch tape in my manicures, but this look was worth the trouble...what do you think - love it or hate it? 

I think I'll be wearing this again for Christmas - it looks like one of those ornaments I place on my tree ! ;)

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