Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cute and budget-friendly

Hello girls! So this look is the result of two polishes I bought on sale, both are by 'Essence', and reminded me once again why I love this brand. Surprisingly this proved to be a very durable look, lasting 7 days without a flaw (I was shocked too)...Even though the pictures dont really capture it, the sparkle was so amazing, I couldnt stop staring at my nails! Polishes used are: two coats of 'The Nude The Better' from the 'Season of Extremes' collection - I was fooled by the color in the bottle, on nails it's a really beautiful color; the glittery polish is 'Make It Golden' - damn I wish this was still available for purchase... :( This manicure reminded me I should do more 'nude' looks because they're just so elegant and cute.
And here's one before the glitter - the color is just so beautiful, a very gentle watered-down yellow....
As much as I love and adore 'Essence', the glitter was a nightmare to take off (to be fair that's the case with most glitter, right?), but also this look damaged my nails a lot...wear your base coats people! ;)
What are your experiences with 'essence', good or bad?


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