Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The hologram effect

I too decided to try out Max Factor's 'Fantasy Fire'. I've read some great reviews of this polish, and when I saw it in store, I had to have it! First I painted two layers of Essence's 'Passion for Fashion' - this color is difficult to describe, or capture on camera...though looking at it in the sunlight it's a very true purple, at times (I swear) it looked so blue to me...or maybe that's just me. :) Anyway, another Essence polish which I adore! ;) Here's a photo before the hologram polish:
So, what to say about Fantasy Fire? This look was amazing, I couldnt stop staring at my nails, the colors were fantastic! Even if you're a person who doesnt love sparkles, THIS polish you will love! However, after taking these pictures, I wore the Fantasy Fire one more time - I wanted to see it without the purple polish underneath. Learn from my mistake, it's not worth it! It took four layers just to cover it all, and the effect wasnt so great, it just turned out too light...I guess having the dark purple polish underneath the hologram really helped bring out a wider color diversity. I think in the future I will layer Fantasy Fire over more different polishes, to see the difference in effect. What I do have to say is, having four layers of Fantasy Fire alone, the durability of this polish was incredible - and it dried off quickly!
Until next time! *hugs*

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