Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Golden-Black Gradient

So this was supposed to be a gradient glitter-effect on a black nail polish (though I'm not very sure the pictures do it justice). The black used here is Revlon no.999 Blackest Black - and, even though this is the third time I'm using this nail polish I only now noticed it isnt quite all black. Inside there are small blue particles - not blue glitter, just some sort of reflecting particles - personally I've only been able to see them when the nail polish is still wet, but once it would dry out, you cant really see it. It is a quite strong black, but my main problem with this polish is its tendency to create small bubbles of air...I actually painted it once, and when I notice the sheer volume of bubbles, decided to re-do it...and what do you know - bubbles again!!! I hate when that happens! Aaaargh!

As for the glittery golden polish, I used Essence no.67 - Make It Golden - the only reason I really did pick this up is because they were on sale (because Essence is changing the packaging of the bottles). After painting it on my nails I absolutely fell in love with it - inside there are three different kinds of glitter - two larger glitter pieces, and a very fine glittery dust which just took my breath away. I cant believe I never noticed this polish before! Anyway, the new Essence products are now in store and I have to say I'm not excited at all - I really dont like the new packaging :(
This manicure lasted me a very long time (quite surprising) and it looked amazing in real life (pictures didnt quite capture it). So in the future I plan on doing more glittery-gradient creations.
Until next time, love, Jelena. <3


  1. fantastična kombinacija, s ovom nema greške <3

  2. Odlično! Baš mi se sviđa :) Ulovila sam ove zlatne sljoke na snizenju, ali ih nisam jos isprobala, ne znam šta čekam :D

  3. Imam ih i ja....i crni lakic....probat cu...:D

  4. ove su šljokaste bile jedine dobre koje sam ulovila na sniženju, kasnije su ostale samo smeđa i siva :( ugodno me iznenadio ovaj lak, da nije bio na popustu nikada ga ne bih izabrala...sad samo želim nositi šljokasto hehe :)


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