Friday, September 14, 2012

Last days of the summer....

Hello all! ;) I cant believe summer is almost gone and I have to give up all my fun colors! I'm not ready yet, probably because I havent worn a lot of fun colors this summer....Anyway, the nail polish used here is by Deborah pret a porter collection, no.27 'Turquoise Fever'. I cant say enough amazing things about these polishes, the colors are so vibrant and the durability is great, and they're just PERFECT. Nothing left to say! I'm so glad I manged to score these babies on sale! I love a good bargain! Looking at these photos now, I dont understand why I didnt stamp this or upgrade it or something...I guess I was just so infatuated by this color I didnt want to put anything over it haha

Sending hugs to you guys, hope you're all well! Love, Jelena <3

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