Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspiration From The Internet

So some time ago I saw a post that just blew my mind: it was by a blogger called 'Sweet Sugar', I'll link it here. Anyway, after seeing it I got so inspired I decided to try and re-create it. Well it turned out NOT to look much like the original...the colors I used are bolder, but I absolutely LOVED this look. It was a lot of work - first achieving the gradient effect, then stamping the flowers on...but I had a lot of fun creating this! :)
The colors used are: Deborah no.19 (I got almost the entire Deborah pret-a-porter previous collection because they were on sale for less than 1 euro a bottle - how awesome! & these are amazing quality polishes for the price), then an Essence orange (sorry dont know the name, it was before the new bottle design) and then Catrice 'Bloody Mary To Go'. Before this look I had only tried this gradient effect once, so I was surprised at how great it looked. As for the stamping plates, I only have Essence stamping plates and they're amazing for me - great price for a lot of fun designs. This one with the Hibiscus flower that I used I havent seen in store lately. I have it since last year so I'm not sure if it's still in store - Hibiscus is my favorite flower so I had to have it...
Summer is almost over, so I'm afraid I wont be able to get away with such bold colors anymore, so it's time to set my mind to Autumn! ;) Also, since I'm new here in Blog-Land, dont know if it's OK to say you tried to re-do someone else's look, hopefully miss Sweet Sugar doesnt mind, I frikkin' LOVE her! ;) Until next time, love, Jelena

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