Friday, August 24, 2012

Two purples

Hello lovely people! ;)
So here is a very 'everyday' look for me: two coordinating colors - wearing your nails like this is a great way to add some fun to your look! Nail polishes used are both by Deborah Milano, their pret-a-porter collection, numbers 33 'Iris Bon Bon' (lighter shade) and 34 '70 Grape Sweater' (darker one). Picked up both of these babies on a discount because they're from the previous collection, but I believe you can still find these colors in some stores. The quality of these polishes is great, I did paint two layers with both polishes. Deborah nail polishes come in so many fun colors, so if you want to add more fun nail polishes to your collection, you need to get some of these! The colors are very vibrant and shiny, and your nails will be noticed for sure!

These polishes are very durable, fast drying and will not chip (well didnt chip for me), and another great side to them is that the bottles are so adorable and cute!
Until next time, sending you love! ;)


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