Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dotted Red

Hello there ! :)
So this look was inspired by this gorgeous red dotted ring I have, and I looked at it one day and thought to myself 'I wonder what this might look like on my nails?' I ended up absolutely loving it! Even though at first I thought it was too much...hmm....'halloween'? But I actually fell in love with it....The red polish used is Catrice 'Bloody Mary To Go', one of my's a beautiful red...I in general LOVE Catrice polishes because they're really affordable and the quality is great compared to the price. The black dots are Essence, 'Stampy polish' - I use this polish a lot when I'm creating dots because it's a very very dark true black...

Hope you all enjoyed this post! ;)


  1. Predivno! i prsten i nokti....*.*

  2. odlična manikura! ako pustim nokte u doglednom vrijeme, isprobati ću :D


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