Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Red-Yellow Fun

I love wearing my nails like this -after years of wearing them all in the same color, you sort of get tired of it and have to spice things up a bit -so I usually have my ringfinger in a different color. Red nail polish used here is by Alessandro, no.27, 'Secret Red'. Alessandro's nail polishes have been so good to me - amazing coverage, fantastic vibrant colors and GREAT durability - this red shade is my favorite nail polish of all time,seriously - and these polishes are very good to my nails, dont give me any split ends. The yellow used is by Essence, hm, not sure which number, but I do know you cant find it anymore...this is a very lovely yellow, dont know why I havent been using it more often...

Talking about Alessando nail polishes, I have just remembered I have been very disappointed by one (but only one) of their polishes - I believe it's called 'Pink Orchid' - four layers and still poor coverage. :( Other than that, I seriously swear by these - they are on the expensive side, but TRUST ME, they are so worth it! ;)

Dont think I've got much else to say about this look, but hope everyone seeing this has a very lovely day! Love!

1 comment:

  1. I am really liking these pictures of nails and nail polish. I will surely try to get my hands on these nail polishes as i now think that they are terrific. Thanks for posting.


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